Our Services

Antenna Installation & Repair

It may be due to a damaged antenna. Using our industry leading diagnostic tools, we can fix your reception issues in no time.

Contact one of our technicians to explore our simple, timely and affordable antenna repairs.

Starlink Installation

Our Starlink installation service is simple:

Our technicians will then assist you in downloading the Starlink app and help set up your new internet connection.

Once complete, our technician will run an internet speed test to ensure that your Starlink antenna is running and providing you with fast and reliable internet.

Chat with us about how a Starlink antenna can better connect your home 

TV/Data outlets

We believe that comfort is key. That’s why we make watching TV accessible anywhere in your home.

Gone are the days of settling for the Wiggles over the footy – few!

We’ve installed hundreds of Tv & data outlets across Port Macquarie and the Mid North Coast.

See how we can make your home the ultimate entertainment space. 

Vast satellite TV

You may be eligible to access the VAST satellite platform.

You will need to contact your nearest service provider to find out what equipment you need to receive this digital service. If your home is in a “black spot” – you could qualify for government subsidised equipment.

Want to know more? Speak with us about Vast satellite TV and approved service providers in your area.

Security Cameras

Being family owned and operated, we understand the importance of keeping your home, family and business safe.

To ensure your piece of mind, we believe in installing a strong security system. We will provide you with a professional home security solution that fits your property’s needs at an affordable price.

Inquire with us about a free home security assessment.

Wifi Solutions

Adding a top brand WiFi access point to your network will allow your devices to operate within nasty, hard to reach black spots by simply extending your current network.

MNC Antennas believes in an affordable, effective solution to interrupted Wifi. Our simple installation and reliable performance ensures your Wifi strength stays fast and strong throughout your home.

Talk with us about our affordable Wifi solutions